5 Most Popular Types of Boats for Recreation

Although quite similar in terms of looks, there are several differences between a ship and a boat. The main differences are in their size, operation area, cargo capacity, and crew required for operation. Boats have been used for the navigation of inland waterways and waters near the coasts since ancient times.

Their basic concept has stayed constant over the years, though there have been many variations in design. The design of a boat varies depending on its use, number of passengers, and cargo. Here are the most popular types of boats used for recreation:

1. Yachts

These are the most luxurious and modern type of boats. Primarily used for leisure and cruising, yachts are perfect for family trips. Motor yachts are ideal for long-range and multiple-day cruising. All yachts have the latest navigational systems in them and radars for safe travel.

They are suitable for nearshore as well as open water conditions. The size of a yacht would greatly depend on the amenities provided. It also depends on the number of engines in it.

2. Sailboats

Sailboats are available in many designs and sizes. People use them primarily for sport sailing and leisure cruising using wind as a primary power source. A few of them have inboard or outboard motors in addition to the sails. This is for additional help during their movement through the waters.

Usually, the sailboats are popular for their charming looks and elegant designs. Sailboats have a distinct hull design, which is narrow and long. Of course, there are certain types of sailboats that have a different design with two or more connected hulls.

3. Fishing boats

Fishing is one of the water-based activities that has been around for many centuries. This activity was the reason behind the construction of fishing boats. Today, there are many types of fishing boats designed for specific purposes. The design also varies according to the needs of those indulging in recreational fishing.

There are fishing boats with flat or shallow bodies for inland waterways. Offshore fishing boats are usually taller and have more significant bodies. This is to provide them with the capability to withstand rough conditions that prevail in the open waters.

4. Canoes

A canoe is one of the simplest types of boats that people use for recreation. It is long and narrow with its body made of molded plastic, aluminum, or fiberglass. You need to use paddles to move the canoe. It is propelled by using the single-bladed paddles that are moved by the individual sitting on the boat’s bottom.

Most of the canoes are of the open-top kind. In the past, canoes were made out of wood and were heavier than the ones used today.

5. Kayaks

You might think that kayaks and canoes are the same. Although they look quite similar, both these types of boats are different from each other. Kayaks are like canoes, but they are smaller than an actual canoe in size. The materials used in making kayaks are the same as the ones used in canoes.

One of the key differences in both these types of boats is that kayaks can accommodate only one individual. Another difference is that kayaks have a closed top. This means that the legs of the individual sitting in a kayak are covered.

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